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Ask About Sprinkler Valve Repair Work in Pflugerville & Austin, TX

When you notice dry grass throughout your lawn, something’s wrong with your irrigation system. If you don’t notice the problem right away, your yard will definitely make it known when you realize your grass is not thriving in certain areas. Fortunately, your dry grass problem can be solved easily with sprinkler valve repair services in Pflugerville, Leander & Austin, TX.

When you hire Wet Fixt, Inc. for sprinkler valve replacement or repair service, your dry yard will thank you, and you’ll soon be enjoying green grass again. Call (512) 788-4990 now to get an estimate on a sprinkler valve replacement in Austin, TX.

Learn More About Our Sprinkler Valve Repair Services

Sprinkler valves have a lot of moving parts that can impact the overall performance of your irrigation system. It helps to understand your system so you know when to call an irrigation specialist in Austin, TX. When you call Wet Fixt, we’ll determine the best repair solution for you. You might be wondering…

  • What does a sprinkler valve do? It dictates the water flow that’s released through the sprinkler head.
  • What causes valve problems? Valve malfunctions result from issues within the diaphragm or solenoid.
  • How do you know there’s a problem? Your sprinkler will either not turn on or not shut off.
  • How can a faulty valve affect your yard? A broken valve can deprive your grass of water or over-water it.

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