5 Stars On HomeAdvisor.com

James P. in Austin, TX

I called Wet Fixt to fix a broken sprinkler head and to do a general review/tune-up of our system. The first available appointment for the service we had been using was over two weeks out. I checked HomeAdvisor for a service that had excellent recent reviews. Wet Fixt was one such service and was able to schedule an appointment for the next morning. Nathan arrived on time. I asked him to explain what he was doing as he was inspecting the system. He decided that I was a DIY guy and provided me with clear instructions about how to adjust the coverage pattern of the heads. It turned out that the head that was defective was an extra-tall head that he did not have in his truck. He also discovered that the solenoid of one of the valves needed to be replaced. He did not have the solenoid either, as it was a two decade old model. Nathan offered that he could either go get the parts and then replace them (which would cost me his time) or he could explain what to get and how to do the repair. I chose the latter option. He demonstrated how to perform the repairs and told me what I needed to get. He also provided me with a couple of waterproof wire connectors for the solenoid. I was very pleased with his attention to detail and instructions on how to make the repairs. He thought that Home Depot would have the parts. He thought that they would have two different solenoids and suggested that I buy both and then return the one I didn't need. When I got to the store, I found that there were three different solenoids. I was reluctant to purchase all three, so I called Nathan to see if he could suggest which one was most likely and to confirm that I had selected the correct sprinkler head, as it looked a little odd. He answered quickly and suggested one of the solenoids and confirmed the head. When I got home, I followed Nathan's instructions in performing the repairs. He had correctly identified the solenoid, and the repairs went smoothly. With the valve repaired, it became evident that there was an area around one of the heads on that station that was leaking. I called Nathan again. He offered the he could either come out and fix it for me or that I could dig around the head and send him a picture to diagnose the problem. I again chose the DIY approach. When I sent Nathan the picture, he indicated that the head needed to be replaced. He sent me pictures and a short video illustrating what I needed to do to replace and configure the new head to the appropriate flow and pattern. I went back to Home Depot, purchased the new head, came home and followed Nathan's excellent instructions for the replacement. I was thrilled with the level of service that Nathan provided. Thanks to his amazing support, I learned a lot and was able to perform multiple repairs myself that would have cost me much more if Nathan had had to get the parts and/or perform the repairs. I am sure that he would have been happy to do any or all of the work himself if I had preferred. Wow!


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