Arrange for Irrigation Controller Repair Services in Austin & Georgetown, Tx

Is Your Irrigation Controller Offline?

An irrigation system has a number of working parts that work to deliver water to your lawn. When something stops working, you’ll want to call Wet Fixt, Inc. for irrigation system repairs right away. 

You don’t want your lawn to suffer, and you also don’t want to waste time trying to fix things yourself. A common issue with irrigation systems often lies within the control box. When you call an irrigation specialist in Georgetown & Austin, TX, they’ll determine if you need irrigation controller repair services. 

Trust an experienced irrigation specialist to inspect your system. Call Wet Fixt today to learn more about irrigation control box repair services in Austin, TX.

We’ll Troubleshoot Your Control Unit

When you hire Wet Fixt for irrigation controller repair services in Austin, TX, you’ll benefit from a company that:

  • Provides competitively priced irrigation control box repair services
  • Responds quickly and provides quick and quality work
  • Has extensive knowledge when it comes to irrigation systems
  • Has extensive experience providing irrigation system repairs

If you notice an error message on your control unit, there could be a short or break in the wiring. We work on a variety of different controller brands, including Toro, Hunter Industries, Rain Bird and Orbit. 

As soon as you receive an engine message on your controller, you’ll want to schedule irrigation control box repair services in Austin, TX.

Uneven watering could wreak havoc on your lawn. Call Wet Fixt now to avoid an over- or under-watered landscape.

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