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Sprinkler Repair & Sprinkler Installation in San Marcos, TX

In Central Texas, many individuals and families have irrigation system requirements. That is true for plenty of businesses as well. If you need residential or commercial sprinkler services, Wet Fixt Inc. should be your go-to company because of our professionalism and expertise.

You can count on us for irrigation repair if your system is malfunctioning. We can also handle irrigation installation if you need an entirely new setup for your property. These are often complex, time-consuming jobs, and you need a company that can do it right. That’s Wet Fixt Inc. with our team of trained irrigation system technicians.

We service the following areas in the Central Texas region:

  • Gruene
  • New Braunfels
  • San Marcos
  • Spicewood
  • Buda
  • Kyle

Irrigation systems are often required in our part of Texas, where rainfall can be scarce. If you want a green, lush-looking lawn that’s not patchy and doesn’t have any yellow or brown sections, your system needs to be working correctly. If any elements of it aren’t performing like they should, you will rapidly see deterioration of the lawn that you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Your yard matters, whether it’s right outside your house or next to your place of business. A green, vibrant lawn is a great place for your kids and pets to play each day. A well-maintained lawn will also be a key selling point if you ever decide to move on from your home and you’re ready to put it on the market.

Your business’s lawn matters too. If a customer approaches your commercial property and sees that the lawn is doing poorly, that will reflect badly on the company. They might decide to purchase the goods they want or services they need elsewhere.

What Can Wet Fixt Inc. Do for Your Lawn?

At Wet Fixt Inc., we are irrigation system experts. We can examine your system if it’s not operating correctly, and we will quickly identify what’s wrong with it. We can handle valve, controller, or leak repair, and we always have the parts on hand to do so.

We’re the company that can keep the water flowing through your irrigation system so that your lawn always gives the best possible impression. Contact us whether you need routine maintenance or a major system overhaul.